3 ways getting published helps make you money

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Why you need to think about positive PR exposure today.

They say print is dying – and maybe it is. But whether you pitch for print or digital media outlets, there’s no denying exposure can help your product and brand flourish.

As the Women’s Health and Fitness magazine editor-in-chief, one of the main questions I was asked on a (tri)weekly basis was: “Kate, how do I get published?”

A fair enough inquiry.

When you aren’t from a media background (or even if you are) it can be difficult to know where to start.

Whether you’re a budding fitness model, personal trainer, life coach, fitness photographer or creator of some new and improved wellness gadget, the idea of getting noticed by the media is intriguing and exciting.

But your very first question shouldn’t be how to get published, it should be why.

Why? Because your goals will inform the media outlets you approach and the way you approach them.

For example, print media is beneficial if you want your brand message to be easily understood, remembered and trusted. Numerous studies have found physical materials – such as a magazines, pamphlets and newspapers – lead to better recall and emotional connection to brand and advertising, when compared to digital assets.

Are you after simple ‘likes’ on Facebook, a broader reach or to connect to an international market? Perhaps a purely digital outlet that can link to your website/social media is the way to go.

Here’s three ways getting published can help your health and fitness brand make money:


The customer journey is much more complex than ‘see the product and then buy’, but there’s still something to be said for brand awareness.

In the sea of trainers providing online and face-to-face services, nutrition coaches providing eating plans, and health and beauty products promising the next best thing, you need a way to stand out from the crowd.

Getting published in major print and digital media outlets allows you to get your brand logo/colours/message/mission in front of your customer base – quickly and in bulk.

If customers are more aware of your product, the more likely they are to seek it out or buy it when given the opportunity.


Who would you trust more when getting product advice: a friend who owns shares in the company creating the product, or a friend who had absolutely no ties to the business?

The second friend, right? He/she seems more genuine, because he/she has no ulterior motive for backing the product.

Getting published by a well-regarded third party in the health and fitness sector provides just that – trust and advocacy for your brand.

This has become even more important since the rise of digital. Anyone can publish content now, and there is an unprecedented volume of free information out there – the majority of it not very good.

Major media outlets are trusted by the consumer because they provide a gate keeper – i.e. the editor – that only allows quality information/products through.

Sure, major media outlets do produce some terrible content, and not all outlets are created equal in terms of their definition of genuine editorial and the public’s trust.

But, ultimately, one gate keeper is better than no gate keeper.


As a leg up from your new sense of brand authority and awareness, you can use your publication to approach your customer base, build partnerships and book jobs.

The best example of this is magazine cover models: get picked to grace the cover of a leading health and fitness brand, and you will probably have everything from activewear labels to make-up brands approaching you.

Even just a little editorial can be a good way to stand out from your competitors. You can begin an email to a perspective partner with “Hi, I have relationships with media outlets and I’ve recently been published. Let’s work together to create something big”, rather than “Hi, I have a cool product but I’m starting from scratch. Please partner with me?”

A final word
Getting published by reputable print and/or digital outlets can be your ticket to success, but first you need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Write down your goals – make them specific and measurable – and then find the outlet that you think best suits your brand and objectives.

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